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FAS2220 - Disk Failed / No Spare


I have a FAS2220 which has a failed disk and no spare. I'd like to move one of our spare disks from our other shelf as there are two spares there. Is it just as simple as changing the owner of that spare disk in order for the other shelf to use it? Will that disk be used as soon as it's seen?


Or can I just physically take the spare disk and move it to where the failed one is without any commands?




Re: FAS2220 - Disk Failed / No Spare



You can only assign unassigned disks, so you need to unassign them first as you guessed it correctly (node can not use the spare one which is owned by the other node) . Plz see Alex's instructions given in the following thread.
Instruction commands are for cDOT/ONTAP.

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Re: FAS2220 - Disk Failed / No Spare


And if it is 7-mode, you can do the following. We have 2220s as well, still running 7-mode, and have done this a time or two.


disk assign DiskName  -o FilerName  -f

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