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FAS2220 Processor?

Hi there,

Does anyone can share the model of the processor inside the FAS2220?

Is it the same as the one on FAS2240?



Re: FAS2220 Processor?

The spec I saw was 2x 64-bit (8 with hyperthreading) for both 2220 and 2240... same controller module just different max spindles (60 compared to 144) and mezz card for FC or 10GbE on the 2240 (but heard we may get a mezz card option on the 2220 for ethernet).

Re: FAS2220 Processor?

So, this looks like the same PCM.

Why the different spindle counts? Different SAS controllers?

Should, for the same number of spindles, the FAS2220 perform the same as a FAS2240?

Re: FAS2220 Processor?

It has a different chassis… looks like the same PCM… the chassis for 2220 is a different drive type. Performance should be the same for the same spindle count.

FAS2220 Processor?

Any idea how many SAS lanes are available?

Re: FAS2220 Processor?

6Gb port has 4 lanes. 24gb on each connection to 6Gb IOMs. If a 3gb ds4243 stack it would auto negotiate to 3Gb / 12Gb on 4 lanes.

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