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FAS2240-2 Adding Additonal Shelves & 10Gig Cards

Hi All,


I need to add an extra SAS shelf to a dual controller FAS2240-2 running 8.1.3 7-Mode which already has 2 external shelves. I plan to take the system down just in case and I have a copy of the cabling guidlines. The challenge is the existing cabling is a bit of a mess and doesnt look quite right. I plan to note down the current setup, shutdown, disconnect cabling and then connect back up with the new shelf.


My first question is what is the risk here, if we dont get the cabling quite right and fire back up do we risk data corruption?


I also need to switch out the FC cards in each controller for 10gig cards. We dont use the FC cards anymore. Second question is can I just power the system down take out the FC and install the 10gig or will I need to do some config to first?




Re: FAS2240-2 Adding Additonal Shelves & 10Gig Cards

Data corruption due to incorrect cabling looks very unlikely (I have never heard about it). The worst that may happen - disks will be missing so some aggregate will be incomplete. If this happens to be root aggregate, system does not boot.


No special config is needed to swap cards. You may want to disable fcp service but that's not really required.

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Re: FAS2240-2 Adding Additonal Shelves & 10Gig Cards

Thanks, useful! I assume any aggrs with missing disks will just remain offline..?

Re: FAS2240-2 Adding Additonal Shelves & 10Gig Cards

That's what usually happened to me Smiley Wink

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