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FAS2240/2 Single controller issues


I've got a FAS2240/s setup with a single controller, with a DS4243 Shelf attached, populated with 24 x 1Tb SATA drives.

I've setup Ontap 8.2.1 7-mode, and configured everything as per recommended.

However, I have a couple of issues with regard to System Logs.

I constantly get 2 particular errors reported - The first one is 'Shelf 0a.shelf0 has Downrev Firmware'

I have checked the firmware versions, and they are up to date. The only issue I can spot is that for shelf 0, there is no 'B' controller firmware version listed (because there is no 'B' controller naturally).

The other error is probably related, in that there are messages complaining that shelf 0 has only got a single path to the disks.

Is there a way to suppress these errors, or have I configured something incorrectly?


Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

New systems should all have multipath shelf connection. You should connect second port as well.

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

I am aware that shelves need to be multipathed, however the shelf that is being complained about is the controller shelf - there is no cabling to attach, its all internal.....

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

OK, but do you have multipath connection to external shelf?

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

The external shelf is multi-pathed. I've found a document which suggests that in a single controller config, access to the internal disks will be single path:

If this is correct then, shouldn't there be a way to stop it alerting, as it is correct?

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

Yes, you need two controllers to have multipath connection to internal disks.

Could you paste exact messages?

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

Shelf firmware report:

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

It’s not what I mean under “paste”, but well … could you also check ACP firmware? It does not really tell which firmware is downrev.

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

Alternate Control Path:          Enabled

Ethernet Interface:              e0P

ACP Status:                      Active

ACP IP Address:        

ACP Subnet:            

ACP Netmask:           

ACP Connectivity Status:         Full Connectivity

ACP Partner Connectivity Status: NA

Shelf Module      Reset Cnt    IP Address      FW Version   Module Type  Status

----------------- ------------ --------------- ------------ ------------ -------

0a.10.B           000   02.08        IOM6         active

0a.10.A           000    02.08        IOM6         active

0a.00.A           000   01.20        IOM6E        active

Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

Sounds like a http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=813566; see also https://forums.netapp.com/thread/39503.

For mixed path - I believe this message should be generated only once, on reboot. I may be wrong though.

You could open case, quoting above bug for downrev problem. The more people complain, the more chances it will eventually be fixed.

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Re: FAS2240/2 Single controller issues

Thanks, looks like that's the issue - I'll get a case reported, but wont hold my breath for a fix

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