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FAS2240-4 Configuration Question


I have two FAS 2240-4 NetApp's that I configured the same.  Both with 10 disks assigned to each controller with 2 spare disks per each controller.  I now realize that the second 2240-4 should have been setup to have 18 disk assigned with 2 spares to controller 1 and 3 drives to controller 2 with one spare.

I am not using this second system but I need to change to this configuration.  What steps do I need to take to destroy the second aggregate and move the drives to the first controller?



Re: FAS2240-4 Configuration Question



You need to reboot your second controller, and go to maintenance mode to re-install your base system.

You could also create a new aggregate with the 2 spare drives and move the vol0/root volume to it, but it is harder to perform.

On your second HA controller :

- disable HA with cf disable

- reboot

- go to maintenance mode using CTRL-C

- reinstall the system (using the right option which is "install a new system" I guess, I'm not completely sure.



Re: FAS2240-4 Configuration Question


Move one spare disk to controller 2 (so you'll have 1 spare on ctrl 1 and 3 on ctrl2)

Create a new raid4 aggregate on ctrl2 using 2 spare disks

Move the root vol to this new raid4 aggregate (this requires a reboot of ctrl2)

Destroy the original aggregate on ctrl2 (assuming you don't have any important data left in it - you did say it's unused)

Reassign the freed disks to ctrl1, leaving yourself 2 spares in ctrl2 (one as a real spare, and the second one to convert your raid4 aggr to raid-dp)

Hope that helps.

Re: FAS2240-4 Configuration Question


Thanks for the information I will need to try this next week.

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