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FAS2240 IP not pingable



I have FAS2240 in a production environment using it as a SAN, the ip mangement is configured on e0a on both controllers i can SSH and i can access through oncommand system manager but i cannot ping the ip from a work station, the work station in a differrent subnet and ping another ip from the same subnet of the storage, below is the output of the RC file, any idea how get it pingable ?


hostname ???

ifconfig e0a netmask mediatype auto flowcontrol full netmask partner mtusize 1500
route add default
routed on
options dns.domainname ????
options dns.enable on
options nis.enable off


Re: FAS2240 IP not pingable

are you performing the SSH & accessing   oncommand system manager from workstation..?


due to security reason your firewall team may not allow ping protocol(icmp)


Please check with them

Re: FAS2240 IP not pingable

thanks Naveens for your reply.


but the ICMP is enabled and i got the below out from storage


routed status


RIP snooping is on
Gateway Metric State Time Last Heard
1 free gateway entries, 0 used


and when i ping from the storage to the workstation it gives (error=No route to host)


Re: FAS2240 IP not pingable

engage firewall team and test the ping feature 


so they can see where it is having issues.

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