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FAS2240 Mixing 3gb and 6gb SAS Shelves



Looking for suggestions around mixing 3Gb and 6Gb SAS shelves. Currently have a dual controller FAS2240 with a separate SAS and SATA shelf with 6Gb SAS. I have another 3Gb, DS4243 15k SAS shelf which I would like to add to the 2240. I know this will reduce the SAS speed down to 3Gb. Is this a bad idea? Am I likely to suffer a performance hit?

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Re: FAS2240 Mixing 3gb and 6gb SAS Shelves


You are allowed to have one transition between 3Gbit & 6Gbit modules within the same stack. In theory performance shouldn't suffer in most circumstances, however some people were saying they had problems.

Have a look at this thread:


Re: FAS2240 Mixing 3gb and 6gb SAS Shelves


I would never suggest mixing of SAS drives. It must be the same size & if you are not using than it could be the cause of Performance Bottleneck.

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Re: FAS2240 Mixing 3gb and 6gb SAS Shelves


We are not talking here about mixing drives within aggregate - the discussion is about mixing different types of SAS shelves within the same back-end stack.

Whilst you can fairly easily create multiple aggregates on a smaller system, having more than one stack on FAS2240 is  impossible, unless you don't use MP-HA cabling.

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