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FAS2240 Ontap 9.1 Backplane Speed 3G/6G




we recently upgraded our 2240-4 from 7-Mode to Cdot 9.1.


The Filer has 24x2tb, the 2nd shelf has 24x2TB (DS4243) and the 3rd Shelf has 24x3TB (DS4246).


AGGR1 has 48x2TB

AGGR2 has 24x3TB.


We are basically happy with around 250mb/s transfer rates to the AGGR1 via Snapmirror since its SATA Disks. I just wondered if there is much difference if we "upgrade" the slower 4243 Shelf to an 4246 Shelf, keeping the HDDS.


is there a chance that the speed will go up when the backplane has double the speed or is the limit the HDDS


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Re: FAS2240 Ontap 9.1 Backplane Speed 3G/6G



3 Gb per sec  is more than 10 times your snapmirror bandwidth usage. Even if snapmirror with 250 Mb/s transfer rate could generate more trafic on back plane, there is still a big gap. I think SATA disks, ontap/non priority job (snapmirror) are surely first bottlenecks.

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Re: FAS2240 Ontap 9.1 Backplane Speed 3G/6G

Agreed... no need to upgrade.
Do make sure you have the cabling set up per best practices, though.

1. Multipath HA (assuming you are HA, otherwise Mulitipath)
2, Out-out-band ACP Ethernet cabling for maximum RAS
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