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FAS2240 performance monitoring

Hi NetApp Community,


We'd like to view the Disk Reads over time on our FAS2240.  I see the rudimentary I/O Throughput graph in OnCommand System Manager (see below)... but I'd like a better look at this, and the ability to capture history and the like.


How does one normall go about this using NetApp tools?




io throughput.png


Re: FAS2240 performance monitoring

OnCommand Performance Manager is the way to go for Clustered Data ONTAP, but it doesn't support 7-mode (you can still use OnCommand Unified Manager Core but the performance graphs are lacking).  For realtime (and some historical) graphing, the Graphana/Harvest tool is very nice (and works with both cDOT and 7-mode), albeit a bit harder to configure.  Both are free options, just look under your Downloads on the Support site and follow the documentation for installation help.  Of course if you have a heterogeneous enviroment with other vendor's storage (EMC, HP, IBM, etc.) or need more advanced data analysis and reporting, OnCommand Insight is great but definitely NOT free.