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FAS2240 unable to view console.

Forgive me for I am relativaly new to the Netapp world.  Recently a customer has sent me several FAS2240 controllers that they state 'Have no Serial Console Output".   So far I have connected a Serial Console cable between my test laptop and the IOIOI port on the back of each FAS2240 (one at a time).  I power them up and do not see the Boot screens as I have seen on other units in the past.   

I try to do a CTRL + C as the unit is powering up but nothing happens, after a while I will see the amber System Fault LED come on at the rear of the controller, shorlty after which I am able to do a CTRL + G to switch the the Service Processor login screen , but I do not have the login credentials. 

 If I do a CTRL + D to go back to the Console it doesn't appear to do anything other that the not take any keyboard input other than doing CTRL + G again.

Customer thinks this is a hardware issue, but I am thinking it is a confuguration issue of some sort, but do not know where to start.


Any information will be appreciated.




Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.



What serial emulator are you using to connect to the serial port on the controllers?  We've had the best luck with Putty (using either the USB->Serial->Eth or just normal Serial->Eth adapters).


Are you specifying the correct Port and speed?  Can you verify the serial connection from your laptop works to another "working" controller?  Are you getting anything on the screen (i.e. garbled characters that might indicate that a connection has been made but isn't negotiating right?  We had this happen setting up some newer systems (FAS2650) where we had to specify a speed of 115,200 (vs. normal 9600) - I think the FAS2240 should be 9600, but you might try both...


Good luck,



Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.

Using PuTTy,   9600 Baud, no scrambled video, no nothing until I am finally able to do a Ctrl G to get to the Service Processor login screen. I do not have the customers login credentials for the Service Processor and I doubt they would even remember them.     When I do a CTRL D to go back to the console it it goes back to not responding to input again.      So I would assume my Putty settings are OK since at some point during the process I can get to the SP login sceen, but get nothing on the screen when just booting up.  

Seems like something is either missing or just not responding as it normally does (once again from my limited experience with these things).

Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.

Do you have any admin-level credentials to the system?  If the storage-admin (or whomever set up the system) threw themselves in the admin group you should just be able to use their creds at the SP login prompt.



Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.

Unfortunately no, I am the third party involved in this and in the past the current owner/user of these things doe not know the login creds the previous user had set.    I'm suspecting I'm in a Catch 22 situation here, where if I could login to the SP I could do something to resolve the other issue.   

Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.

If you're not seeing *anything* at startup, you're right, it does sound pretty broken. There should be a BIOS startup generated and redirected to the serial port, if nothing else (if the USB stored loader is corrupt or non-functional). 


  1. Turn off the unit
  2. Remove all disks from the unit
  3. Remove second controller from the unit
  4. Power on with serial port connected, 9600 8N1
  5. Wait 10 seconds
  6. Press control-C
  7. Wait 10 seconds
  8. Press control-C
  9. Wait 10 seconds
  10. Press control-C
  11. type: reset-defaults<return>bye<return>

If that doesn't work and you can still get into the SP, try another reboot and press F10 to try to enter the BIOS and check console redirection to COM1 is set on.

Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.

Thank you for the responses.  I have temporarily set these aside in order to work on other projects, will try to get back to them next week.

I have done the Ctrl C this at different intervals in the startup cycle.   I can only get it to Ctrl G after the amber warning led comes one.   I do not have the login credentials for the Service Proc so I assume I would not be able to get into setup (via the F10 key) without first being logged into the SP?

Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.

any update on this? i know its an old thread but i'm facing the same situation and i can't find anything about that, all the tuto or information i got was to work with the credential of the SP , but nothing if i want to start from scratch , also my fan are always at full speed since i tryed to use other controller to find my way out of this!


Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.

Hi Could you share more details about the issue,platform and Ontap version  you are using to be sure.

Re: FAS2240 unable to view console.


In the service processor login prompt, can you try these credentials.


admin or naroot, for pw either blank or netapp123







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