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FAS2520 - ADP Layout




IHAC that recently got an FAS2520 with 12 disks 1.8 SAS (ONTAP 9.1 installed). By synergy, we expect to get an ADP Layout as follow:




However, FAS2520 is partitioned with 2 slices with same size, and root aggregates were alocated using 3+2 each. 


Is there any way to clean this partitioning and get back to configuration proposed by Synergy?


Regards, Rafael.


Re: FAS2520 - ADP Layout


Synergy has different layouts based on the version of ONTAP and the platform chosen. As I understand your question, you wish to change from an active/active to active/passive configuration, and no data is present on the system. If data is present, please open a support case and work through the case with our support team to ensure there is no data lost during the reconfiguration.


This section of the ONTAP manual covers how to convert between active/active and active/passive


At a high level


  1. Offline and remove data aggregate on to-be-passive node
  2. Change ownership of data partitions from the passive node to active node.
  3. Add partitions to existing data aggregate of active node (note this will take some time as the partitions have previously been used and will need to be reinitialized)

Hope this helps!

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