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FAS2520 ONTAP Base License


I recently obtained 2x FAS2520's with dual controller's (and disk shelves), all populated with 900GB SAS disks.


It appears the company I bought them from did a data wipe and whilst they still have ONTAP on them (8.0 on the one pair and 8.3 on the other pair) it seems there is no base license. When going into ONTAP at the command line and I type in license it says Owner: No license.


I've spoken with the previous owner and unfortunately they don't have any of the license details anymore.


Is there anything that can be done to get these up and running with ONTAP? I'd really like to upgrade to V9.x and use these for iSCSI plus learning in a lab.


My company currently sells QSAN and HPE SAN's and looking at getting into NetApp. I've already emailed to get partnership status and would be using these FAS2520's for help with staff obtaining relevant certifications. I appreciate a lot of this can be done with online labs and virtual instances of ONTAP, but I still like showing staff how the cabling works, how the components go together. Whilst it is older tech, the principles with the cabling and other elements all apply.


Thank you.


Re: FAS2520 ONTAP Base License


Hi Richard!


Thanks for your interest in partnering with NetApp.


The terms of our licenses are that they are not transferrable - so even if you had the keys, you would not be permitted to use them, even for non-revenue purposes (however I would imagine there is some level of prioritisation of action and that would be pretty low..)


However, for our partners or other interested parties with a business relationship with NetApp, we can make time limited (but renewable) licenses available. I understand from your post that you have already reached out to become a partner - please let us know if you need any help on that.



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