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FAS2552 1GbE Ports

I've gotten a few conflicting aswers about this. We're working on an upgrade of the storage, but not the servers, and the servers are only able to run at 1Gb. We're wanting to install FAS2552. The servers are IBM BladeCenter S-series. I know the UTA2 is only 10Gb, so would I be able to attach the servers using the 1Gb Ethernet? They seem to be listed on HWU as available, but have heard from our sales rep that they can't be used for data. Any info is appreciated.


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The UTA2 ports can be used for 8\16Gb FC, 10GbE FCoE and TCP\IP protocols (NFS, iSCSI, CIFS). You do need to be running 8.2.1 or later.





If you feel you're not receiving the correct information from the Sales rep. ask to speak with a technical sales engineer. All sales reps. have dedicated sales engineers to answer the correct technical information.


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Each controller on the 2552 has 2x 1GbE copper RJ-45 ports that absolutely can be used for data.  It is a great system for exacrtly this reason.  Customers can start with 1GbE and can upgrade to 10GbE when thier infrastructure moves to 10GbE.


Your sales rep may be referring to the "Wrench Port" which is a dedicated management port that is not to be used for data.  There is also another 1GbE copper port use for the ACP (alternate control path to the disk shelves and again is not to be used for data.


Orange/Green = UTA2

Black = e0M/SP for Dedicated Management (Wrench Port)

Circle P = ACP (Locked Wrenched Port)

Green = 1 GbE for Data



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Thanks. NetApp support was telling me one thing, our sales rep another, and HWU yet another. It was getting confusing.

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If we have 10GbE ports on 2552, can they autoconfigure to 1GbE if we need more then 2x1GbE iSCSI ports per controller? I need system which has 2 x Fc per controller nad 4 x 1GbE iSCSI (old 2240 config) and i total per system 4 x fc and 8 x 1GbE iSCSI? Is this possible with 2552?

Thanks, Damir

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With the 4-port UTA2 card it supports 10Gb ethernet and 16Gb FC\FCoE. This is using SFP+ connections with optical. Not RJ-45.




We're finding a lot of people are going away from FC connectivity and to 10GbE iSCSI or NFS connections. Thus many controllers are minimizing available FC ports in favor of SAS and Ethernet.


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Thanks for update. However, I would like to know if those ports can fall back to 1GbE. I guess no since it is not 10GBase-T but SFP+ ... There is particular reason why I need this. 

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I am new to NetApp but this is what i found which is more relavent to your requirement