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FAS2554 CIFS 100% CPU usage


we are using a FAS2554 with sata disks at  7.2k, sharing some cifs for a backup tool, both controllers are in an average at 100% of CPU usage, so from the client we see usually high latency and disconnections.


What would be the best way to improve performance on this system ?


Thank you.


Re: FAS2554 CIFS 100% CPU usage



If CPU usage is more than 90% for individual CPU, then you might want to take a closer look what is causing it.
you can also check >sysstat -x 1 and see if there is some network / protocol load, or disk read/write operations for the system, which could be the reason for the cpu load.


Can you send us the perfstat output.

For detailed information on the Perfstat tool and instructions on collecting Perfstat data using the tool either via RSH or SSH, refer this KB article



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