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FAS2554 UTA2 Ports SFP+ Module requirement



Have anyone know the Netapp FAS2554 UTA2 Ports have any specific requirement for the SFP+ module?(I means if I purchase one other brand SFP+ moudule, it is possible to comptiable with UTA2 ports?)


Thanks in advanced! 


Re: FAS2554 UTA2 Ports SFP+ Module requirement



From Hardware universe :


The onboard UTA2 ports can be configured as FC Target/Initiator or CNA (FCoE target/Ethernet). The UTA2 ports are based on a dual port ASIC and both ports on each ASIC must be set to the same mode (enforced by Data ONTAP). Install X6589-R6 10GbE SFP+ modules or approved copper twinax cables when using in CNA (FCoE target/Ethernet) mode. Install X6596-R6 16Gb FC SFP+ module when using in FC Target/Initiator mode.




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