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Hello and thanks for having me on the thread.


I always wanted to have my own SAN and learn block level storage so I was lucky enough to acquire a decommissioned  FAS2554 with a DS4246 disk shelf cabled in HA.  Currently on 8.2.3P3 7-Mode.  Sure it's old but I wanted to learn off something and get it implemented into my Windows Server environment.


So reading forums & getting started guides, the first thing that comes to my mind is to wipe everything and start from scratch, which is CTRL + C on boot and option 4 - Clean Configuration and Initialize all disks.  I know I am not the only one who did this, but little did I know, it also wiped out the licenses.   Below are the licenses it was provisioned with before I wiped it, and now after wiping it says no licenses available.

Package Type Description Expiration
----------------- ------- --------------------- --------------------
NFS license NFS License -
CIFS license CIFS License -
iSCSI license iSCSI License -
FCP license FCP License -
SnapRestore license SnapRestore License -
SnapMirror license SnapMirror License -
FlexClone license FlexClone License -
SnapVault license SnapVault License -
SnapManagerSuite license SnapManagerSuite License -


My question is did I screw up?  Did I basically make several hundred pounds of hard drives useless without the licenses?  I still work for the company who originally purchased this device, but even they are having difficulty finding this license.  I still have some hope because I just consoled in to the second controller and all the licenses are there, and this second controller even shows that the controller and chassis is configured in HA.  Is it possible to set the original wiped controller back up in HA - and will it magically retrieve the licenses?


I am new to all of this and appreciate any feedback.






Re: FAS2554




Some directions for you.


Licenses can be obtained if you have access to the support account (i.e Company-Under which this filer was purchased). You mentioned you still work for the company who originally purchased this device, that's a good news, but do you have a netapp account or anyone else in that company ? If yes, then you can look up on the support site.

For example: I don't have to remember the licenses for my filer, if for any reason I need to look up, I go to :


1) https://support.netapp.com/
2) sign-in
3) From the menu | Products | Software Licenses
4) Search by Host name/serial etc | Enter 'hostname' or serial number.
5) That's it - You can see the licenses.

According to this KB: https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1001103
When controllers are purchased, they are shipped with a specific version of Data ONTAP (for example, Data ONTAP 8.1 7-Mode, clustered Data ONTAP 8.1, Data ONTAP 8.2 7-Mode, etc.), and the license keys for that ONTAP version (and Mode) are posted on the NetApp Support site. However, if you wipe the controller and install a Data ONTAP version different from the one purchased, the license keys available on the NetApp Support Site for that controller (or cluster) will not work and new license keys will need to be generated.


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Re: FAS2554


Also, if you're wanting to learn ONTAP, if you have access, you might even be able to install Clustered ONTAP (requires a license for that too, might need purchased). 7-mode is like trying to run Windows 7 nowadays when Microsoft moved on to Windows 10 (but we make a really good OS 😉 ).


Re: FAS2554


-Thanks everyone!  I was able to call NetApp support and give them the serial numbers of both controllers and they simply sent the license keys to my company email.  I still do not have the corporate NetApp login.


I am wiping the second controller now and excited to get this environment set up.  I can try to learn everything through CLI, but also wanted to go through the GUI tools which are System Setup for initial setup, and then OnCommand System Manager to manage it.  I have System Setup, but I am having issues downloading the OnCommand System Manager because my NetApp account is still registered under *@gmail.com and I can't link the FAS2554 to it.  Is there any way I can obtain that software?


I almost ended up hooking up an older FAS2040-2 to the DS4246 that still has the licenses on there and follow a guide like this...



As far as converting to Clustered OnTAP, I would love to but I can't seem to find prices anywhere.  They say to contact NetApp Sales but I am sure these licenses are not cheap and not sure if I want to spend money on 5+ year old equipment no longer under a support contract.


Thanks again for all the help!

Re: FAS2554


I figured you might be out of warranty. Yeah you'd have to contact a sales rep and they may or may not be able to help you.


As far as an account, it should be rectified in a day or two if you open a non-technical case to have it updated.

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