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FAS2650 ONTAP 9.1 intercluster

 Good Day, Our customer has recently purchased the new FAS2650 controller.

My Q: Is it possible to create or move an intercluster LIF onto port e0M? 

Ports e0e/e0f are CNA ports and has fibre SFP's installed, the problem we facing is connecting to 10G port on the network as apposed to the early models which allowed replication over the 1Gb ethernet ports. Changing the SFP's to 1Gb eth copper SFP's are out of the question right now.

Thanks in advance.


Re: FAS2650 ONTAP 9.1 intercluster



I'd personally avoid doing anything on e0M other than node management.  The 2650 looks like it has 4X1GbE other ports available - can you leverage one of those instead?  Obviously lighting up one of the 10GbE ports would be optimal (especially if you're expecting a lot of snapmirror traffic for example) , but if you don't have a 10GbE fabric then using a "normal" 1GbE data port would work.


Hope that helps - let me know if I'm mis-understanding your particular situation.



Re: FAS2650 ONTAP 9.1 intercluster

e0M ports cannot be VLAN tagged, as they are connected to an internal, non-VLAN'ed, switch on the FAS motherboard, so essentially they can't be used for any type of LIF except cluster-mgmt and node-mgmt. As other posters have noted, there are a number of other 1GbE on the FAS2650 platform which you could use instead.


Hope this helps!

Re: FAS2650 ONTAP 9.1 intercluster

Thanks for the reponse Chris, unfortunately the controller was ordered with 4x fibre SFP's, with two been used for host connectivity leaving two free. The customer unfortunetly does not have have 10Gb on the core available to use. The other option would be to purchase 1Gb copper ethernet SFP's to use.

Re: FAS2650 ONTAP 9.1 intercluster

Thanks Alex, with the new FAS2600 a lot has changed with regards to port configuration.

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Indeed they have - for 1Gb Ethernet copper ports, the X6568-R6 - SFP+ to RJ45 1Gb - is required.


Your account team will be able to source them for you easily