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FAS2650 new shelf addition




I have a production HA FAS2650 with no extra shelf, only the internal shelf with the looped SAS ports on both controllers:

• Controller 1 0a to Controller 2 0b
• Controller 1 0b to Controller 2 0a


Now I need to add a new shelf so my question is if I need to power off the cluster to add the shelf as I need to disconnect the SAS loop from the controllers to connect them now to the new shelf IOM A and B. In the official documentation I was not able to find the answer as this only mentions for first time setup or with additional shelfs that use only the shelf to shelf connection.




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Your system must meet certain requirements before hot-adding disk shelves with IOM12 modules.


Hope this helps.

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Almost, the only missing part is what if this is the first shelf to be added and the system is already in production, so I need to bring it down in order to disconnect the SAS from the controllers and connect them to the shelf, or this is full hot add just like adding a shelf to an stack.


Re: FAS2650 new shelf addition


Hello @SergioS,


As @shop_storage mentioned, you can hot-add the shelf if the shelf and your system meet certain requirements. When hot-adding the shelf you will momentarily see Alerts regarding losing a path to the shelf, this will be resolved once you properly complete the shelf addition.


Here is another document describing the hot-add procedure:

Hot-adding disk shelves with IOM12 modules 


Once you are done with adding the shelf then you must view and clear the alerts using:

System Health Alert Show 

System Health Alert Delete 




Team NetApp

Team NetApp

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Re: FAS2650 new shelf addition


Connecting the 1st external shelf to the controller has the same constraints.

The internal storage in the controller use the 2 x SAS cable as a redundant path - each node also has an internal path to every disk in its chassis.

Re: FAS2650 new shelf addition


Hello @SergioS ,

Can you confirm if your question was answered.

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