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FAS270 + DS14MK2 AT ?


I'm trying to add a DS14-MK2 AT shelf to my FAS270 and I'm wondering if that is possible?  I know the documentation says that it is not but I have heard that it is provided that you don't add any other FC shelves.  The FAS270 is running populated with 14 Fiber Channel disks.  I have added and ESH2 adapter to the top slot and have that connected to my DS14MK2-AT AT-FCX adapter which is set for 1Gb/s loop speed, via the internal jumper.  There are no other shelves connected to the device.  Terminator on the FAS270 is on.

Sysconfig -a does not show any device connected the other channel, nor does it show the ESH2 adapter.  But it does think that has an "unknown" partner even though clustering is not licensed. I don't think that it matters which the 270 or the ESH2 is in? 

Any help would be much appreciated. 




FAS270 + DS14MK2 AT ?


The rule is that you can't add FC shelves after the SATA shelf...it stays SATA on subsequent shelves.

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Re: FAS270 + DS14MK2 AT ?


Can I add an AT shelf at the end of the chain?  So have two FC shelves then an AT Shelf? 

Answered my own question, yes I can.  I see all the disks that I expect to see but I'm not sure if I need to add a terminator, which I don't have to experiment with, to the end of the chain or not, any ideas? 

Found the answer to termination in the Docs, it is self terminating. 



Re: FAS270 + DS14MK2 AT ?


Hi Dave,

I'm wondering about this myself.  I have an old 270 and a ds14mk2AT, did you hot add it?  If so, what steps did you do?  I have my FC set to 1g, and the terminator switch set to 'on.'  Did you use channel b or c?

Thanks in advance


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