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FAS2750 CNA snapmirroring

Dear All,

I have a new FAS2750 HA system that is being configured. However, I just realized that the adapter is CNA with four FC SFPs per controller.
This storage is for DR and will be snapmirror destination. The network is at the DR is 1gb ethernet. I used the e0M to create the intercluster LIF but the e0M port is not recognized for the cluster peering.
Please advise the options available to address this challenge.

Thanks in advance.



Re: FAS2750 CNA snapmirroring


Take a look in the Hardware Universe.



Select your ONTAP version and FAS2750.

In the results, click on "Onboard ports and cables".

In the resulting pop-up window, make sure you choose the FAS2750 UTA2/CNA configuration.

Then click on any of e0c -> e0f ports to see your cabling options.

For your situation, the 1GBASE-T SFP transceiver X6568-R6 might be your solution.

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