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Re: FAS3020 Head swap

Thanks for your advice Matt

it's always a pleasure to work with your solutions


Re: FAS3020 Head swap


Were you succesfull with this head swap?  I have plan to do the same thing.

I don't find any documentation for head swap for FAS3020 -> FAS3220 on the now site.

Thank you!

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Re: FAS3020 Head swap

Hi Klemen

Yes we did the swap

Here are the steps followed:

Update FAS3020 to the last DOT 7.3.7P1

disable HA (cf disable)

check root volume to be at least 250GB

make a note of  rc and hosts file

check is disk owner ship for FAS3020 is hardware or software

If it's hardware, boot FAS3020 into maintenance mode and convert to software disk ownership with disk upgrade_ownership command

replace FAS3020 with brand new FAS32xx

Boot FAS32xx to maintenance mode and reassign disk to the controller (command disk reassign -s old-systemID -d new-systemID

  Then type the following commands if you replace HA Pair (storage release disks , mailbox destroy local, mailbox destroy partner)

Check that aggregate are ok (aggr status)

Then exit maintenant mode (halt)

boot FAS32xx

During the first boot, raid label are update + some message on aggregate

When FAS32xx is load, you do an upgrade to refresh root volume with DOT8 ( software update 81xxx.tgz)

Same work on the second FAS32xx

Boot both controller

Make some verification/test

Modify rc file and replace vif command by ifgrp

put FAS32xx license you should have received with you new FAS

And finally  enable cluster (cf enable)

Before head swap we also made a note of lun serial in case

But serial numbers have not been modified by the swap

Also check if you Brocade switch zone configuration doesn't need update with new WWPN



Re: FAS3020 Head swap

Did you get approval from NetApp support for this procedure?


Re: FAS3020 Head swap

not official stamp 🙂

But PS team says it's ok


Re: FAS3020 Head swap

thank you very much for this procedure.

With regards,


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