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FAS3200 Licensing

I have a question regarding the licensing of the new FAS3200 series.  If I want to get the FAS3210a, which is the dual active/active controller, with the complete software bundle do I have to get two licenses one for each controller or just one for the enclosure.


Re: FAS3200 Licensing

NetApp FAS uses a licensing 'per controller' (not a 'per enclosure'), so you need a set of two same license packs, for every controller in cluster.

Re: FAS3200 Licensing

Do you ask how to install them or how to order them? When ordering, you specify single active/active system with single license bundle; internally NetApp expands it to two license sets. When installing, each controller has own licenses, that could be looked up under serial number of respective controller.

Re: FAS3200 Licensing


I beg to differ:

Technically speaking, for HA systems on NetApp formal quote / kit list there is always a quantity of two conrollers & two respective bundles / licences.


Re: FAS3200 Licensing

Remember that you need the same licenses on both controllers if you want all the functionality to exsist in a cluster failover scenario. Also the 3200 and 6200 have new software structures. On the quote you get something like the following of one chassis and two controllers:


FAS3140,ACT-ACT,Chassis,AC PS,-C,R5





Re: FAS3200 Licensing

Indeed, to order a CIFS or any other a la carte license (or bundles) on a system you order 1 for a single controller system and 1 order for a CIFS license for a HA pair. Cost wise ordering CIFS for a HA pair of controllers is (of course!) not the same as ordering 2x a single controller CIFS license (though technically this is exactly how it works).

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