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hi, all

where can i get FAS3200  document ?

 the document include, FAS3200 admin and troubleshooting etc.


appreicate anyone  reply me 


Re: FAS3200



The 3200 models are end of life, hence the documents been taken down. You can still access some 3270 docs here:



Most of the available software documents (ONTAP) likely to still apply to the 32xx series. As well documents for the SAS shelves that likely had a bit longer support.


If you have any specific questions, we can still try and help here in the community.

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: FAS3200


 1、checked your provide link, and i want to get some troubleshoot guide .

for example.  how to replace faulty disk, the  error log messages. 

2、what's defferent  between the FAS3200 and FAS2600 ?   

       can i refer FAS2600 for replace hardware in details ?


Re: FAS3200

The 3210/40/70s were released in early 2010s (forget exact year) and the 3220/50 being the refresh. That is why we do not have many references on the site it appears. If you need some documentation, please push the "Feedback" button at the bottom. This may have gotten lost in the translation but we can see if the documentation can be put up. I find it odd we have 2 items of the 3270 but nothing else.


I suspect this is in error, but I am not in charge of the documentation page so that Feedback button will get you in touch with the people who do.

Re: FAS3200

Also, 2600 is a much newer platform, the refresh of the 2500 series. Completely different hardware.

Re: FAS3200

If you have NetApp Support Site access, please see this page for FAS3200 documentation:


Re: FAS3200

Note: The link is here: https://mysupport.netapp.com/documentation/productsatoz/index.html

@andris  was able to find the right people, flag it down, and will get it taken care of. Much appreciated Andris!

Re: FAS3200

For anyone looking for older legacy documentation, try this documentation A-Z page:

Re: FAS3200



  thank you reply me , click your link , i cann't found out  FAS3200  fully guide.  


Re: FAS3200

Good day,


Try this https://mysupport.netapp.com/documentation/docweb/index.html?productID=61598&language=en-US and this is the only doc we have.




Re: FAS3200


    click your link,  the content is little for maintian FAS3200.  dont enought for my maitian support . because of i take a maintian projects, the customer is  finanical business.  so it's big pressure.   so little guide for maintain FAS3200. could you please collect some documet  for 

maitain FAS3200 help me ?

Re: FAS3200




I don't think we have any other document other than the one we shared.


I think,  you should refer system administration guide  based on ONTAP that installed on your system.  Below are few helpful guides.


Data ONTAP 8.2



Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3



System Administration Reference ONTAP 9



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