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dear concern,

recently i have been the part of the operation project where i have the Net app equipment as am new to this net app we are looking for current running equipment the warranty and any spare part

replacment solution without any upgarde solutions

as the equipment is up and running we have some minor issues of 2 tb hard drive failure, how can you sort this issues

kindly please update i can provide the info reqired ..

and how do i can optained the warranty for the equipement what i have ,...




Re: FAS3210




By enabling AutoSupport automatically, NetApp can provide proactive support through My AutoSupport, and reactive support through the NetApp Support Center. The My AutoSupport tool allows users to administer and support their NetApp storage systems with tools such as an AutoSupport data viewer, device visualizer, storage efficiency and health check reports, and Data ONTAP upgrade plan generator.


For more details on AutoSupport refer, https://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/olio/autosupport/#why




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