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FAS3270 PSU numbering

Hi all,


I've got a FAS3270 with 2 power supplies. One of them (PSU2) is showing as degraded however the LEDs on both PSUs are green. Below is the error message:


:monitor.chassisPowerSupply.degraded:notice]: Chassis power supply 2 is degraded: PSU2 Current is Unreadable


I want to reseat the PSU but unsure which PSU is PSU2. Looking from the back of the unit there is no numbering on the PSUs. So am I right in assuming PSU2 is the one on the right hand side?


Re: FAS3270 PSU numbering

You could try to turn on/off System FRU LEDs from service processor


  1. Enter Diag mode:
    SP filer> priv set diag
  2. SP filer*> system fru list
  3. SP filer*> system fru led show 
  4. SP filer*> system fru led set <number> on

If that doesn't work get the serial number of PSU from Service processor


1. SP filer*> system fru log show 


The serial number is located in the rear side of the PSU (match the serial number)


hope it helps


Re: FAS3270 PSU numbering

You could do all that... but you're right.  PSU1 is on the left and PSU2 is on the right.


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