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FAS6030 10GbE Options

I recently upgraded my FAS6030 to DataOnTap 7.3.7P1 and I am getting an error

Chelsio N310E 10G NIC card (PN X1106A) in slot 8 is not supported on model FAS6030.

I need to upgrade to DataOnTap 8.1 but the TOE Card I have installed in not supported in DoT 8 or higher so what options do I have?


Re: FAS6030 10GbE Options

is there a compatibility list available online?

netapp matrix showing Data on Tap versions and what options are not supported?

throw me a bone here, need to get an order in before the fiscal year budget cycle starts..

Re: FAS6030 10GbE Options


search by model an OS. max Ontap on FAS6030 is 8.1.4

compatible 10GbE NICs:

X1107A     2p 10GbE NIC Op

X1008A     2p 10GbE TOE Op

X1139A     2p 10Gb UTA Op

X1140A     2p 10Gb UTA Cu

X1005A     1p 10GbE TOE Op

Re: FAS6030 10GbE Options

Thank you so much for the Link,