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FAS8020 with 7.2k benchmark




I'm looking for a FAS8020 benchmark but specifically for (8TB) 7.2K disks. Do you have such report or at least pls tell me what I could excpect comparing to report below (10K):



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Re: FAS8020 with 7.2k benchmark


Hi there,


Our public information on reverse sizing (hardware to maximum workload) is very much limited to what is posted on the spec website, because it is presented with full explanation of the environment.


We have internal tools that will take information about workloads and provide confirmation that a configuration will be a requirement (forward sizing), but reverse sizing is an area most vendors will stay away from, as saying "configuration x will deliver X00,000 IOPs", and then customers not getting that performance is a bad situation to be in for everyone. There are lots of reasons why that might occur (differences in IOPs definition, system workloads, configuration options, network architecture etc), but unhappy is unhappy.


If you're concerned if a prospective purchase will meet requirements, our sales teams can access a proof of concept centre (CPOC) where we can demonstrate our systems remotely, or if you're concerned at the performance of an existing system, our support teams can help confirm that systems are running at appropriate performance and resolve problems if they exist.

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