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FAS8040 CPU model

Hey guys -


Can anyone with an 8040 post the Processor type from a "sysconfig" command?  I need the exact CPU model number for some things I'm working on - need independent confirmation of something my NetApp team told me.


Thanks in advance!





Re: FAS8040 CPU model


Snippet from sysconfig:


	slot 0: System Board 2.1 GHz (System Board XX C0)
                Model Name:         FAS8040
                Part Number:        111-01209
                Revision:           C0
                Serial Number:      XXXXXXXXXXXX
                BIOS version:       9.1.1
                Loader version:     5.1
                SEQ CPLD version:   1.14
                NVRAM CPLD version: 1.0
                Processors:         8
                Processor ID:       0x206d7
                Microcode Version:  0x710
                Processor type:     Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2658 @ 2.10GHz
                Memory Size:        32768 MB
                Memory Attributes:  Bank Interleaving
                                    Channel Interleaving
                                    Chipkill ECC
                CMOS RAM Status:    OK

E5-2658 has 8 cores and 20MB cache.




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