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FC Initiator Changes After Headswap


Hi All,

What steps are required to properly move onboard FC initiators to an FC HBA during a headswap migration?  We're replacing our FAS3040 (four onboard FC  ports) with a FAS3240 (two onboard FC ports), and while I'll be physically moving the four onboard initiator ports to a new FC HBA, I'm unsure how to properly update the system to recognize this change (i.e. instead of 0a it'll be 3a, 0b -> 3b..etc). Here is what my 'fcadmin config' shows currently:

old_filer> fcadmin config


Adapter Type      State                  Status


  0a   initiator  CONFIGURED             online

  0b   initiator  CONFIGURED             online

  0c   initiator  CONFIGURED             online

  0d   initiator  CONFIGURED             online

We're currently running 8.0.2 7-mode in a cluster (two filers) with double paths.



Re: FC Initiator Changes After Headswap


For initiator, no change needed... ONTAP figures it out.  From maintenance mode after you reassign disks, destroy mailbox local/partner and release disks it will just work.

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