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FC Metrocluster check by "active IQ config advisor"


Since a few years we have a FC flexarray metrocluster using 3PAR storage in the backend. Config is running smoothly for years. In the coming weeks we have to relocate one of the clusters to another datacenter. As preparation we will shortly try doing a switchover.  As part of the preparation I used to check the configuration using "Active IQ config advisor". But I'm getting strange results in respect to zoning. The initial setup is checked completely by a Netapp Consultant and the proper DR tests have been done before actually taking the system into production. 


I did find in the release notes that the tool is suitable for a metrocluster. But I do not know if it is suitable for a metrocluster flexarray? So I was wandering if the errors/warnings are because of this?




Re: FC Metrocluster check by "active IQ config advisor"




From AIQ Config Advisor release notes it appears that FlexArray is supported (there are known issues with FlexArray listed on it -  version 5.8 page 9).


Firstly I would suggest that you check that zoning alerts. Please refer to the Fabric-attached MetroCluster® Installation and Configuration Guide to understand which ports should pertain to which zones. Then check at least one of the warnings against that recommended configuration.


But, If you are 100% sure no one changed any MCC config since deployment, and that in the past your ConfigAdvisor runs never showed an error like this, I recommend that you open a ticket. https://track.netapp.com/Ticket/config-advisor/30



Pedro Rocha.

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