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Fabric MetroCluster Brocade FC Switch Fillword


Hi everybody,


once upon a time... Smiley Happy

In the past we must issue this command on all 8 Gbps switch port...


portCfgFillWord #port 3


I've read and observed the result after applying the configuration scripts for 6505 and 6510 models. There's nothing about fillword parameter.

Is it needed? Somebody told me that new FOS versions don't need it.
And, what's about 16 Gbps ports?

Just for info without fillword=3 my FMC seems that it's working fine.



PS) btw, pay attention that script configure ad 16 Gbps also the "store" ports. If you have an HBA card X1132 running ports at 8 Gbps your controller will not see the disks until you don't change the port speed at 8.




Re: Fabric MetroCluster Brocade FC Switch Fillword


From Brocade documentation: "This command applicable only to 8G FC ports; it is not supported on Condor 3-based platforms." 6505 and 6510 are 16G platforms (even if you use 8G SFP) so they should not need it.

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