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Fas 2040 ISCSI start/license problem




we got a "christmas gift" from our customer. Two FAS 2040 and 4 Diskshelves DS14MKII. The FAS 2040 is without any disk, but in every shelve there are 14 1TB Disks installed. The Problem we have is the following:


When we start the FAS 2040 and looked into the serial console, we used the advanced menu (CTRL + C). Then we used point 4a to create and own a volume with three of the disks in the shelf. The zeroing started and after 3 hours we could configure our IP-adress and so on. But after all of the installation we figured out that our licenses were gone. Nothing of the filer is showed licensed. If we wanted to administrate the file over web, we only get an errormesage 503 pointing to na_admin and after clicking this another errormessage appears 500 no servlets installed.


I searched this forum for answers but i couldn't found someting useful for us so i tried the way over the forum.


So my questions are, how can we replace the licenses? Must there be disks in the filer for the functionality or did we think wrong?


Re: Fas 2040 ISCSI start/license problem

I assume you have Data ONTAP 7G (always tell which version you have when asking questions). In this case you need to perform Data ONTAP install after 4a to fill in the root volume.

You have to ask whoever gave you this system to also provide licenses. They are available on NetApp site for registered customers.

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Re: Fas 2040 ISCSI start/license problem


Yes this was the solution. To easy! Now data Ontap is on the filer and we can use it now. Thanks for the quick help!

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