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Flash Pool Question


Hi All,

Our Customer want to use Flash Pool on their FAS3240HA, and purchase 6x 100GB SSD. I read the Flash Pool Design Guide and it recommeded use (3 data disk + 2 Parity).

But customer want to use (1 data + 2 Parity) to add to the aggregate, Can this configuration support by FAs3240?

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Re: Flash Pool Question


Hi Alex

With 8.1.2 you can add 6 SSD to a FAS3240 controller. The design is 3data 2parity 1 spare due to the fact that if the customer reduces the number of data drives then the flash pool can become the bottle neck. As this is a mid  size system the min SSD count is 3.

For more info see the SE flash pool technical presentation from the FP

Re: Flash Pool Question


Hi Alex,

Ruairi is spot on. Although technically it could be done, it shouldn't be. See page 27 & 28 of the document recommended above. I've added the link to help you out: https://fieldportal.netapp.com/DirectLink.aspx?documentID=82854&contentID=104286

Another useful document to view is the Flash Pools FAQ also on the Fieldportal (https://fieldportal.netapp.com/DirectLink.aspx?documentID=75803&contentID=84931). For Flashpool & cache limitations see page 14.

Something to note, in case you your system has flash cache too:

Best Practice
Due to the small cache size limits on the FAS/V3240 and FAS/V3160, it is not recommended that Flash Cache and Flash Pool are mixed within the same HA pair.

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