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Flash Pool Question


Hi All,

Our Customer want to use Flash Pool on their FAS3240HA, and purchase 6x 100GB SSD. I read the Flash Pool Design Guide and it recommeded use (3 data disk + 2 Parity).

But customer want to use (1 data + 2 Parity) to add to the aggregate, Can this configuration support by FAs3240?

Thanks & Regards,




Hi Alex

With 8.1.2 you can add 6 SSD to a FAS3240 controller. The design is 3data 2parity 1 spare due to the fact that if the customer reduces the number of data drives then the flash pool can become the bottle neck. As this is a mid  size system the min SSD count is 3.

For more info see the SE flash pool technical presentation from the FP


Hi Alex,

Ruairi is spot on. Although technically it could be done, it shouldn't be. See page 27 & 28 of the document recommended above. I've added the link to help you out: https://fieldportal.netapp.com/DirectLink.aspx?documentID=82854&contentID=104286

Another useful document to view is the Flash Pools FAQ also on the Fieldportal (https://fieldportal.netapp.com/DirectLink.aspx?documentID=75803&contentID=84931). For Flashpool & cache limitations see page 14.

Something to note, in case you your system has flash cache too:

Best Practice
Due to the small cache size limits on the FAS/V3240 and FAS/V3160, it is not recommended that Flash Cache and Flash Pool are mixed within the same HA pair.

Best Regards,


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