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Graceful shut down



I have a two node system that we have to power off for a few hours this Saturday. It is aFAS2750 with one disk shelf. We are running ONTAP 9.7.

I have read through the article at  https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Software/ONTAP_OS/What_is_the_procedure_for_graceful_shutdown_and_power_up_of_a_storage_... a few times now and i am still a little unsure of what needs done. 


  1. Notify, disconnect and, if needed, shut down all the connected CIFS/NFS clients.

Does this mean that I just hit "stop" one each of the SVMs that i have running? Do i need to do anything to the volumes or lifs before that?


       3. Log in to all nodes, one at a time (preferably using serial console or RLM/SP) and run:
halt -node local -inhibit-takeover true -skip-lif-migration true


With only two nodes in our cluster do I do this from node 2 and then node1( which is my epsilon node)? I dont log into the cluster management to do this?

          4. Physically power down the head and then all the attached disk shelves as needed.

I just hit the power button on the appliance itself and then unplug it?


Thanks for any input and experience you have!




Re: Graceful shut down


There is no concept of 'epsilon' in 2-Node cluster. In short, neither node holds epsilon; instead, both nodes are continuously polled to ensure that if one node fails, the other has full read-write access to data, as well as access to logical interfaces and management functions. Hence, by-default the "surviving node" automatically becomes the RDB Master.


It doesn't matter which Node you want to go first. Just make sure that you perform the 'halt' from the Service Processor console.


1) Note the IP of the SP for both Nodes from the cluster shell.
::>sp show


2) Then, login to both Nodes via SP IP and then perform the 'halt' command as mentioned in the article. Once the OS is gracefully shutdown and returns to loader prompt, you are safe to physically power-off the controller and the disk-shelfs.

Re: Graceful shut down


Great thank you.


Are far as turning it back on it tells me to plug in and then power on all core switches. Is that referring to the switches that the netapp is plugged into or is this referring to to just the switches that connect the nodes. Because we only have the two controllers, we have a switchless cluster.



Re: Graceful shut down


Just ignore the 'core switch' step, it does not apply to 'switch-less' controllers as in your case. Just bring all the disk-shelfs (externals ones) up and then the controller heads.

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