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HA configuration validation

Hi All


The environment I am working on has regular HA failed over issue, it is 7 Mode environment here are the two type have the most trouble (FAS3160 / 8.1.2P3 & FAS2040 /

I am try to find out the HA configuration and make sure they are valid and due to the environment I am working, I am not allow to any tool like config advisor or HA config checker etc.

Is there any way I can check and validate the HA configuration?  I have look rc file and everywhere under etc share, but I am not sure where to look? 


Re: HA configuration validation

It is not clear - is takeover successful or not? If it is successful, your HA configuration is obviously OK and you need to troubleshoot what is causing takeover.

Re: HA configuration validation

Why cant you run config advisor.  That's what the tool is for...

Re: HA configuration validation

I am very new to netapp world, sorry for the missing info.  The takeover has been successful each time, but due to how frequently this is occuring.  I like to validate the HA config first before I move on to other area to investigate the cause.  Due to the environment I am not allow to use any tool to validate it, so is there any place i can check the config (any config file or System manager Network/HA config etc) to check and validate the setting ?

Re: HA configuration validation

Again - if takeover was successful, HA configuration is OK (at least to extent you need it). Takeover does not happen because of HA problems - HA problems may cause failures in takeover, not takeover itself. You need to investigate why takeover happens. 

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