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HA no longer configured on FAS 2552




We have two FAS 2552 arrays that were installed in 2015 a few months apart by the same engineer.  I was in the mgmt GUI and noticed that HA was not configured. "HA is not configured on this cluster."  I am almost certain that it used to be. On the other unit, HA is configured and it says "Both nodes can perform takeover on each other." I don't see any errors in the "System Alerts" list.


Is there a way for me to see if HA is configured, but just not working? Or if has ever been configured?


Thanks for any assistance you can provide!


Re: HA no longer configured on FAS 2552




If the cluster consists of only two nodes, "Cluster HA" should be enabled.


Could you please check this first:
cluster1::> cluster ha show
cluster1::> storage failover show


Please follow this recommendations:

Enabling cluster HA and switchless-cluster in a two-node cluster:


Reason I could think of having been disabled is: Engineer (you mentioned) might have performed 'node' reboot with "-inhibit-takeover true" parameter, which requires disabling cluster HA, however it must re-enabled, which may have been a miss.


Also, check the overall health of the cluster:

cluster1::> cluster show



Re: HA no longer configured on FAS 2552


Hi and thanks for your reply. Below are the results of the commands you asked me to run.


It seems like it should be safe to enable HA. However,  I'm on OnTap version 8.3,  is the procedure different than in the link you shared? That's for OnTap 9.


Thanks again!



login as: admin
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
V-INF-STOR::> Cluster ha show
High Availability Configured: false

Warning: Cluster HA has not been configured. Cluster HA must be configured
on a two-node cluster to ensure data access availability in the
event of storage failover. Use the "cluster ha modify -configured
true" command to configure cluster HA.

V-INF-STOR::> storage failover show
Node Partner Possible State Description
-------------- -------------- -------- -------------------------------------
V-INF-STOR-01 V-INF-STOR-02 true Connected to V-INF-STOR-02
V-INF-STOR-02 V-INF-STOR-01 true Connected to V-INF-STOR-01
2 entries were displayed.

V-INF-STOR::> cluster show
Node Health Eligibility
--------------------- ------- ------------
V-INF-STOR-01 true true
V-INF-STOR-02 true true

Warning: Cluster HA is not working correctly. Make sure that both nodes are
healthy by using the "cluster show" command; then reconfigure cluster
HA to correct the configuration. Check the output of "cluster ha
show" following the reconfiguration to verify node health. If
reconfiguring cluster HA does not resolve the issue, contact technical
support for assistance.
2 entries were displayed.

V-INF-STOR::> version
NetApp Release 8.3: Mon Mar 09 23:01:28 PDT 2015

Re: HA no longer configured on FAS 2552


Yes, the command should be same work 8.3 as well, you can enable it non-disruptively.


For 8.3 : Command is same.



Cluster looks healthy and Storage failover over looks ok .

View solution in original post

Re: HA no longer configured on FAS 2552


That did it. HA showing green in the GUI.


Thanks so much for your help.



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