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Hard Disk for fas 2040


Can any one please tell me if the hard disk (original) for FAS 2040 is available in the market? I had a lsearch and I could not find. All I get is refurbished which I am a bit confused to purchase. I am based in UAE. 


Re: Hard Disk for fas 2040


This drive has reached its end of availability. But support may be available for the next one or two years. If you have an active support agreement with NetApp, they would be able to get a replacement for this drive. Please note that thirdparty hard disks, which do not have the NetApp firmware, may not be supported on FAS platforms. 

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Re: Hard Disk for fas 2040


Hello I had replaced 2 hard disk which had failed. But since last two weeks 2 more hard disk failed. What could be wrong here?please help

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