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Head Swap FAS2050 to FAS3240


Hello NetApp Geeks,

we just purchased a new HA FAS3240 controllers to replace our old FAS2050, in order to make the swapping, we have the following issues:

1. we didn't purchase new disk shelves, therefore we are going to use our existing 3 DS14MK2 SATA shelves

2. we need to move the data on the FAS2050 internal disks to the disk shelves

3. FAS2050 will not support Data Ontap 8.1.4 we are planning to have on the FAS3240

first, moving data from the internal FAS2050 disks will not be a big problem, however we will need to copy the root volume to disk shelves and mark it as a root and then restart the controller so we can get rid completely of the internal disks, second is my biggest problem, as we didn't buy new disk shelves, what is the best way to shut down the old controler and connect the new one to the existing shelves and have the same aggregates / volumes / luns structure?

one opinion is to unassigne some disks (spare ones) from their existing aggregates and create a new aggregate, a new volume , copy the new root volume to that volume then shut down the old controller, connect the new controller and point it to this volume to boot from, at that time it will advise to upgrade the software from 7.3 to 8.1.4, and in case of any problems happen, i can connect the old controller back and can still boot successfully from its root volume.

i have looked for documentations here but all the cases have the options of buying disk shelves with the new controller and migrating volumes.

Thanks for help


Re: Head Swap FAS2050 to FAS3240


3240 is supported by 7G, so it is easy head swap (for a suitable definition of "easy" ).

1. Relocate root volume to external shelves

2. Make sure to update 2050 to the latest 7.3.7 just in case

3. Connect shelves to 3240

4. NetBoot! 3240 using the same 7.3.7 version. Alternatively you can boot empty 3240 once to check preinstalled DOT version in maintenance mode. Do not boot from 3240 boot device if it contains DOT 8.x.

5. Reassign disks in maintenance mode

6. NetBoot the same 7.3.7 again, now normally

7. Finally update to your target version

You may need to check LUN serial numbers, they can change. If you have ha system, you need destroy mailboxes in maintenance mode.

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Re: Head Swap FAS2050 to FAS3240


Thanks for your valuable information.

regarding the hostnames and Ip addresses of the new controllers, do you think it will be a proble to give it the same configurations as the old ones.

also i am worried about how my servers will recognize automatically the FC LUNS or i will need to configure that from the begining


Re: Head Swap FAS2050 to FAS3240


Head swap retains all configuration. The only thing that may change is LUN serial numbers; you may want to record them and set back if they changed after head swap.

Re: Head Swap FAS2050 to FAS3240


Ah. So it doesnt only migrate the structure of volumes / LUNs. it will migrate the network configurations too. hmm didnt know that, so i would like to change these settings, i will need to do it manually as a seperate change so.

does keeping the same hostnames and IPs will reflect in any problems in Active Directory as it might detect that this was not the real device that joined the domain previousy?

Re: Head Swap FAS2050 to FAS3240


You need to pay attention to port names. If they change, to you may need to adjust /etc/rc to reflect changes. Same applies to FCP adapters.

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