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Head Swap FAS6080 to FAS6280?


Dear NetApp Gurus,

Plan to swap head from FAS6080 to FAS6280.

Any checklist, best practice even cheat sheets to share?

Thanks in advance & looking forward to hear from you.

Good w/e



Re: Head Swap FAS6080 to FAS6280?


The NOW site has a guide for both cluster and single node upgrades.

Upgrading a   FAS60xx     system in an HA pair to a  FAS62xx   system in an HA pair


Upgrading a single-controller FAS60xx system to a single-controller FAS62xx system


I have my own templates we use for professional serives...after more head swaps than I can remember..and we don't follow the exact steps in the guides, but we have a lot of experience doing swaps and have peer review and support to check add another pair of eyes.  Make sure you boot the 6280s without disk and skip the boot (ctrl-c to break boot before special boot option)... then run "printenv" and make sure you don't have systems with the "bootarg.init" variables set  (search communities for that issue or the tsb)... if you see this issue with those init variables that only were set on some 32/6200 systems prior to being fixed in manufacturing a month or two ago, run "set-defaults" then "bye".  Pre-create a head-swap plan and open a case to run it by support as well.  Also, if you have never done one, I would engage professional services to assist. Key things are matching ONTAP (match 6080 to 6280 prior to swap, or tftp boot to 6280)... in maint mode, disk reassign, mailbox destroy local/partner, set fcp initiator/target as needed, modify /etc/rc and /etc/hosts as needed if interfaces change, map initiators and targets to ports on the 6280.  If fibre channel san, and if fcp target ports are NOT the same after swap, then make sure to modify the wwpn after swap to match what it was prior... if you use the SAME fcp target port (1c to 1c for example) then the wwpns will stay the same.. if the ports change, you can use "fcp portname set portname wwpn" or you can also swap ports...make sure you don't have duplicate portnames (the swap command makes that easier).

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Re: Head Swap FAS6080 to FAS6280?


Salute to Scott!

Re: Head Swap FAS6080 to FAS6280?


Hi Bhola,

The documents have been moved apparently.

The easiest way to find them now, is to start at the Hardware Upgrade Procedures landing page:



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