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Head Upgrade



I need some assistance in performing a head upgrade from a FAS 2040 with integrated disks and 2 ds4243 shelves to a FAS 2240 with integrated disks. The Fas 2040 is part of a snapmirror relationship from my primary site and i would like to not have to re-seed all of that data. I know there is a netapp procedural doc out there and I took a look, but it mentined in one of the procedures that is involved a fas 2040 without integrated disks. I'm wondering if the procedure my process would be different since it contains integrated disks.


Re: Head Upgrade


You need to move data from internal disks to external shelves because you cannot reuse FAS2040 internal disks in FAS2240. If you have mixed aggregates that contain both internal and external disks, this becomes a challenge.

Once internal disks are free and not used anymore, just follow docs.

Re: Head Upgrade


The internal disks contain a single aggr that contains only the root volume. Do I move the root volume off the the internal disks onto the shelf? Are there any issues with the type of cpu that the controllers use. I think the 2040 uses intel and the 2240 uses amd?

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