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Help needed booting FAS3140


I have a FAS3140 with (2) 4243 shelves holding (24) X412A-R5 drives each.
I can boot the FAS to console mode, basic commands are listed,

but can't get Ontap (8.1.2/BIOS 4.4.0) to boot and see the drives, any ideas?


Re: Help needed booting FAS3140


What really does you mean that can boot to console mode? Which prompt can you see? LOADER>? if you can see LOADER> try boot_ontap command



Re: Help needed booting FAS3140


Yes, I am at the LOADER> prompt,

all the basic commands are available.

When I issue a boot_ontap,

the FAS goes into reboot mode and back to the LOADER> prompt

Note…..when the FAS is booting, I can't ^C to get into the boot menu.

Any thoughts on that?

Re: Help needed booting FAS3140


can you post here printenv command here? We need to check the some parameter.

Another way is you can try netboot.

1. configure either you computer or another storage system as a tftp or http server.

2. Copy the netboot image to server folder.

3. set ip address your 3140 to connect to tftp server. (LOADER> ifconfig e0a -addr=filer_addr -mask=netmask) (ifconfig e0a -addr= -mast=

4. LOADER>netboot URL (example: netboot tftp://myserver/bootimages/ontap/release_netboot.e )

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