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How to Configure Netapp V3240

Hello Guys,

Our Company has received Netapp V3240 series with 2 controller. Now my question is that where to start, I got the box but don't know how to configure exactly.

Is there any document which I can refer to configure and install the Netapp.

I have to do the Implementation as this V3240 is for POC(Testing) setup.

Please anyone guide me to do this by my own.




How to Configure Netapp V3240

Are you connecting the V3240A(E) to NetApp disk or are you backing it with another SAN vendor's controller/disk?

What are you hoping to get out of the V3240A(E)? That is, what protocol are you using?


How to Configure Netapp V3240

I am connecting it with Netapp disk only as of now.

Protocol we will use are FC, FCOE and ISCSI.

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