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How to Daisy chain a new disk shelf


Hi All,

We have got a new disk shelf as we have already 2 disk shelf which are connected to two FAS2040 HA Nodes now we wanted to add the new disk shelf to it can any one please help with the cabling of the new disk shelf to the existing disk shelf.




Re: How to Daisy chain a new disk shelf


Hi Nayab,

If your other shelves are multipath connected, just remove te last cable from the last shelf.
Do this loop for loop(connections to the A IOM and B IOM).
You'll see that your disks will be connected through a single path during the activities.
Add the shelf and connect it the same way the other shelf was connected.
Example: cable from your controller port goes to the B IOM from shelf 2, disconnect this cable from the shelf.
Connect then from that port a cable to the new shelf (also to the B IOM) but on the input port.

If the controller will recognize the new disks(can take a few seconds), repeat this for the A IOM.

Here's a link that maybe give your more information: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1119629/html/GUID-7272C432-F8FC-4598-BF88-D36173442BD3.html



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