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How to change Model in 31xx frame


I would like to change the personality of a 3140 frame to a 3170, because we internally streched a 3170 to metro cluster. We had only a empty 3140 frame left for the second head,  but the 3170 in the 3140 frame still shows up as 3140.

I know the 3170 works great in the 3140 frame. But If you want to show a failover to a customer, he sees 3140 and 3170 in one cluster

If we have any internal chance to change the personality from frames, I would be happy to know how.




Re: How to change Model in 31xx frame

Do you mean to say changing a 3140 to 3170 ?



Re: How to change Model in 31xx frame

sorry for the late reply

I mean changing a 3140 chassis (the frame, not the motherboard) in a way, that I could use it with a 3170 motherboard AND sysconfig is showing 3170 as model.

We can use a 3170 motherboard in a 3140 frame, but then you have all restrictions of the 3140, because something in the frame is setup as "I am a FAS3140"

I would like to know how I can change this.

thanks a lot


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