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How to determine why FC-adapter got disabled

Hi there,


How can I determine the cause of a disabled fc-adapter?

This night the adapter has changed its state to disabled, why?


What errors/failures can occur if i enable the adapter again? 


Which log is the right one?


Thx 4 any reply


Re: How to determine why FC-adapter got disabled

Problem solved.


Checked EMS Log, Shelf_ESH Log



Look for fci and esh entries:


Wed Sep 2 22:07:15 CEST [n001020: fci.link.error:error]: Could not recover link on Fibre Channel adapter 0b after 30 seconds. Offlining the adapter


diskID="[IN] port"



element="ESH A "

bay=" "

reason="reports invalid word error"/>



No connections between fc adapters.


possible reasons:


failed esh modul

failed sfp transceivers


Reason: failed sfp transceiver



After replacement of sfp transceiver the resync has started. Resync completed. Everythin is fine.

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