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I have the following errors any ideas?

If some body could help me with this errors:

FAS3070A      no encl srv on slot 0c y 0a
FAS6070A      fault on slot 0a
FAS3050A      fault on slot 0cmisconfigure on slot

Thank you!


Re: I have the following errors any ideas?


You have not given us a lot of information to go on.

My first question is what?  What changed, what version of DoT and what is the hardware configuration?

I would also question if the config ois correct.  ie Cards in the correct slots and OK for your system.  Look it up here.


As they are all saying 0 something, I would guess the fibre ports are your system boards are not happy about something.

Hope it helps


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Re: I have the following errors any ideas?

I would also have a look into this bug 1st


I have the following errors any ideas?

The configuration and hardware its correct, its a fas3070 it has 6 shelfs of 300gb hard disks. This machine has been working ok for a while but after a power blackout the machine released this error, thank you for your quick answer. If you could help with what can i do? i will appreciate

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