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I want to interface NETApp to Windows server


Dear All,

We have already burchased NetApp Drive SN:SHX8976702022A6

I want to know how to connect this drive to winows server or any desktop computer to be able to copy data to it

your fast response is highly appreciated

Abd El Aziz Ghoneim





Have you got a whole system or just a single hard drive (I can't check serial numbers)?

You really need a whole system built up and running and then you'll connect this to the Windows server wither via a CIFS share or to a LUN using iSCSI or FC.


Thanks for your fast response

Actually what we had is a big drive with 2 cables and some parts for rack installation ( I believe this is to fix that Disk Drive to the whole system)

We received also End User License Agreement and shelf disk installation requirement flyer

If this disk couldn’t be connected to windows server or and windows desktop systems, could we have any interface that could lead us to do that connection (Hardware/Software)

Thanks you very much


Is there anything written on it (Usually on the front towards the right hand side)? To me it sounds like you might just have a disk shelf.



it is written that before installing that disk shelf please make sure that it is compatible with the operating system you are using.


I hope that this might give a little bit clarification to the picture



I looks like you have purchased a NetApp disk shelf. It is meant to connect to a NetApp storage controller. If you have a NetApp storage controller, best way it to contact your sales rep and ask for installation instructions.




But what does it say on the front of the box/shelf/device?

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