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In HWU, How to read the table "ElectoricalRequirement"


Hi, I'm looking at the table called "Hardware Universe Elecrorical Requirements" for confirming the "Input Power Measure".

This Table consists of two columns of "Single PSU" and "Two PSU".

When calculating the "Input Power Measure" in entire storage system, I think that necessary to double the value of "Two PSU".

But the value of "Single PSU" not equal the value of twice "Two PSU".


e.g.) In the case of FAS25xx Dual Contorollers with 12 internal drives, the value of "Single PSU" is 327 watts.

        But the value of "Two PSU" is 251 watts, so doubling this value is 502 watts.


Why is this?

As the controller as a whole, which value is coorect as "Input Power Measure".




Re: In HWU, How to read the table "ElectoricalRequirement"





  •	Worst-case - Power consumption with system running on one PSU, high fan speed and power distributed over one power cord.  
	DS4xxx disk shelves are an exception, in that they require two PSUs.
  •	Per PSU - Typical power needs, per PSU, for a system operating under normal conditions.
  •	System - Typical total power needs for two PSUs in a system operating under normal condition and power distributed over 
	two power cords or four power cords for DS4243 disk shelves.


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