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Increase Raid group size


I need a little help about raid group resizing.

I've a 2020 storage with one controller and 12 pc 300SAS disks

I created one aggregate with 11 disks and 1 hotspare.

Now I bought a shelf with 6 pc FC 300 disks to increase aggregate capacity.

The RAID group size 3-16 disks but in SAS-FC environment the max number is 28.

Because of that there are 2 spare disks but one enought for me.

In spite of that I cannot increase the disks number to 17.

Is it command line force option or something




Re: Increase Raid group size

The doc does say 28 is the max. I have never done this so do not know if it will work.


Customizing the size of your RAID groups

You can customize the size of your RAID groups based on your requirements for data availability, performance, and disk utilization.


You change the size of RAID groups on a per-aggregate basis, by setting the raidsize aggregate option. You cannot change the size of individual RAID groups.

The following list outlines some facts about changing the raidsize aggregate option:

  • If you increase the raidsize option, more disks will be added to the most recently created RAID group until it reaches the new size.
  • All other existing RAID groups in that aggregate remain the same size, unless you explicitly add disks to them.
  • You cannot decrease the size of already created RAID groups.
  • The new size applies to all subsequently created RAID groups in that aggregate.

Enter the following command: aggr options aggr_name raidsize size


The following command changes the raidsize setting of the aggregate aggr3 to 16 disks:

aggr options aggr3 raidsize 16


Re: Increase Raid group size

Yes I've read that. Unfortunately when I've tried I've got an error message.

Invalid size. It had to be 3-16. I've reached 16


Re: Increase Raid group size

There are loads of links in here which may help.


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